About Us

Over 20 years of support

DBE Services was formed and is wholly owned by Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education, Carlisle Diocesan Board of Finance, Chester Diocesan Board of Education, Liverpool Diocesan Board of Finance, Manchester Diocesan Board of Education and York Diocesan Board of Finance. Together the Dioceses which formed and run the company (the Diocesan Directors of Education and Chairs of the Boards of Education act as company directors) have nearly 850 church of England schools and academies.  Therefore, DBE Services is in a unique position to act as both a forum for collective conversation and joint working, and also as a consolidated and powerful voice for both church school and general education matters on the national stage. 

DBE Services has steadily evolved and grown over the past 20 years and has become a model example of how dioceses can work together to support all schools, generate income, protect and develop the Christian Distinctiveness of church schools, and provide a forum and platform to speak powerfully into national debate.  The company is in effect non-profit making with any surplus reinvested into the six Diocesan Boards of Education.